The Incredible Hulk - or rather a young person wearing superhero fancy dress - is being pursued by police after damaging a car.

A number of students went out in Worcester over the weekend to celebrate their first week at uni, with many sporting Superman fancy dress and other comic book costumes, according to the Worcester News.

However, the Hulk took things a little too far and really got into character as he walked home in the early hours on Monday (September 20th 2010) morning.

Unfortunately, this involved him bouncing up and down on the sunroof of a nearby vehicle belonging to local resident Andy Churchill.

Police are now trying to trace the offender, who is described as stocky and six feet tall (presumably with green skin and torn trousers).

However, with the car badly damaged, it is more likely to be Mr Churchill who is bursting out of his clothes with anger than the over-enthusiastic student.

This comes after Escapade revealed that villain's outfits are currently outselling superhero outfits across the board.