2016 best new years parties   Will it be the one in your house? Or round your friend’s or family member’s place? Or perhaps it’s the one at that abandoned warehouse (we know that there are at least a few naughty rapscallions amongst our readership)? Well, before you head on over to one or more of those, here are five of the UK’s best places to party on New Year’s Eve before, during and after all the hubbub … london2 Fireworks at the London Eye The UK’s largest fireworks display, and arguably one of the best. Sure, you have to buy tickets to see the show up close nowadays, but it is arguable that doing so has made for a less crowded and more pleasant atmosphere. Also, the fireworks display is large enough to be seen at one of the many handy drinking establishments available right by the London Eye (or even further away), so seeing the fireworks needn’t cost you anything should you not mind seeing the display from afar. The fireworks really are impressive, so it is worth seeing them. The Nest - Dalston, London Want that gritty, loft party style vibe on NYE, where the black ties are put away in favour of the garish, ridiculous and slightly mental? Then head on over to The Nest in Dalston, where Horsemeat Disco will be spinning all sorts, from disco to punk funk to rare oddities. Kiwi will also be manning the decks beforehand. edinbroug Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Edinburgh’s street party easily rivals - and even outclasses, in some people’s opinion - London’s fireworks display. Why? The music, the food, the artists … Edinburgh is pretty much one of the best places to party hearty on New Year’s Eve. Tickets are often free to get into Edinburgh’s Old Town (depending upon event), which is the eye of the Hogmanay storm, and as such tend to be “sold” out rather quickly. We’re not surprised, really: Edinburgh is a pretty fantastic place to be around Christmas and New Year’s Eve. (And the rest of the year, too!) birmingham    The Rainbow Venues, Birmingham One ticket buys you access to 11 different industrial spaces. The music will be diverse, as will the food, entertainment and people! A fantastic party at a brilliant, must-see venue which no doubt will be glitzed-,  glammed- and dolled- up for the big day. Oh, and Kurupt FM will be taking over one of the stages. Definitely one of the best clubs to go to in the UK for a knees-up on New Year’s Eve. brighton    The Mesmerist, Brighton Looking for an excuse to don that classy 1920s/1930s dress? Prefer a bit of swing and jazz to beats and bass? Want a place that’s like a Fallout-inspired cross of steampunk and 1930s decor? Then head on down to The Mesmerist in Brighton, where you can get ginned-up and get on the good foot in true retro style.   Whether any of the above beat a mug of hot chocolate, Later… With Jools Holland and an early night with nary a trace of a hangover, we’ll let you decide. However, if you do want to get out and about, we recommend any of the above. Just get your tickets before they sell out!