There's always an excuse to wear fun fancy dress and Pancake Day is one of them.

Bracknell residents are likely to agree as many of them will be slipping on their favourite costumes to take part in this year's Pancake Race on Shrove Tuesday (March 8th 2011).

The event will take place in Bracknell town centre and it will involve participants taking part in a relay race carrying a pancake in a frying pan and flipping it at the start and finish lines.

Organisers have encouraged runners to wear funny costumes, such as pirate fancy dress outfits, in order to raise money for charity.

Bracknell Regeneration Parternship's marketing manager Helen Barnett wants to encourage more people to take part and said the race is "always a lot of fun".

Pancake Day could be a great opportunity to get out your craziest costumes as there are going to be races held all around London this year.