Fans of films based on comic books may be pleased to know that new pictures have been released of Captain America in his revamped superhero fancy dress.

The character is set to return to the silver screen soon and the people behind the movie have let out some stills of Chris Evans in his crime-fighting outfit.

One of them seems to show him in a sort of parachuting suit complete with the red and blue logo, while another sees him racing through an industrial-looking set in a more leather-based Captain America fancy dress costume.

It will be interesting for superhero diehards to see how the different outfits compare to the originals from the 1940s.

This comes after pictures of Andrew Garfield as the new Spiderman were also released ahead of the fourth movie coming out.

Meanwhile, Thor will be hitting cinema screens soon in an another comic book remake, so there is plenty for Marvel and DC collectors to get their teeth into!