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The fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film will be a lot more like the first instalment in terms of storyline, an insider has said.

Greg Ellis, who plays Theodore Groves in On Stranger Tides, told Digital Spy he thinks the franchise has gone back to its roots thanks to new director Rob Marshall.

"I'm really looking forward to watching it myself. It's a simpler story to understand, it's basically a race between three ships," he commented.

Ellis added that Ian McShane makes for a terrifying Blackbeard, so anyone who goes to see it had better be prepared!

In good news for fans of the Pirates films, producer Jerry Bruckheimer appears to have confirmed that there will be a fifth movie in the series, telling people at an advance screening for number four that he is working with writers to create new material.

However, it would be a standalone story rather than a follow-up to On Stranger Tides and it is not known if Johnny Depp would be on board.

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