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Plans are afoot to turn what was once a stately home into a centre for children's literature based on the Peter Pan story.

JM Barrie's childhood pal Stuart Gordon lived at Mont Brae in Dumfries and the author regularly went there after school to play with his friends, something he wrote about later in life.

It is thought the garden and their games of pirate battles inspired the story about a little boy who never grew up.

The house fell into disrepair, but the Peter Pan Moat Brae Trust now intends to raise enough money to fully restore it and turn it into a place where youngsters can visit to learn all about children's books.

They could also take part in events featuring children's fancy dress there.

Joanna Lumley is behind the campaign and she told BBC News: "I am so thrilled and proud to be here to launch these exciting plans for the future of Moat Brae House and garden."

JM Barrie originally wrote Peter Pan as a play, but adapted it into a novel in 1911.

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