rick sanchez cosplay costume tutorial Adult Swim spoilt their viewers by premiering the new episode from the third season of Rick and Morty! The Escapade office is buzzing with excitement for the new season, so we thought we'd try to create a DIY cosplay based on Rick Sanchez from items we sell in our Camden store and online. rick sanchez cosplay tutorial how to dress like rick sanchezItems you will need to cosplay as the self-proclaimed "smartest man in the universe" - Rick Sanchez:

items for rick sanchez cosplayGreen and  Light Blue Grimas Paint, Doctors Coat, Blue Troll Wig

To achieve the genius scientist look we used a Blue Troll Wig, straight out of the bag and teased it enough so our model could have Rick's awesome spiky blue hair. Don't forget a wig cap! If you need the wig to stay put for a whole day then apply ample hairspray.

Using a face paint brushes and Light Blue Grimas Face Paint we painted a monobrow onto our model. If you have very dark brows, you can also use concealer before applying the face paint. As our model is quite beardy, we decided to give him a blue beard too. To do this we took a damp sponge and dipped it into the Light Blue Grimas Face Paint and evenly applied the paint over his beard with upwards strokes - giving him a bushier bread. We even included the green vomit/drool stain on his lip by using Green Grimas Face Paint. Rick Sanchez, drunk get-schwiftyGet these accessories in order to show the Cromulons WHAT YOU GOT and get schwifty at your next party.


Pirate Flask, Medallion Dollar Superior, Glitter Microphone

To get scwifty we used a Glitter Microphone and our model held a Glitter Microphone. The pirate hip flask is a bonus prop that can be used instead of a bottle.

Rick Sanchez getting schwifty

So whether you're going to Halloween party, comic book convention or going on an intergalactic time travel adventure, squanch past Escapade for your costume needs!