If you've got a costume party to go to over the bank holiday, then now could be the perfect opportunity to don that Yoda fancy dress outfit you've always dreamed of wearing.

This month marks the 30th birthday of Star Wars sequel The Empire Strikes Back - recently voted the best movie follow-up of all-time in a poll by LoveFilm - so Star Wars costumes are sure to be huge this summer.

As MovieFone points out, Empire is arguably the best of the entire saga thanks to its stunning visuals, dramatic plot and fab characters such as Yoda.

"For a summer blockbuster, Empire is awfully dark. The heroes of the first movie spend most of the second getting their butts kicked," the website commented.

They do too - by the closing credits, poor Han Solo is frozen in carbonite, Princess Leia has been forced to flee and Luke has learned the truth about Darth Vader (coining the oft-quoted line: "No - I am your father").

However, it sets the scene perfectly for the Rebel Alliance's ultimate victory and proved that action movies don't have to have a gung-ho happy ending.

Why not don a Luke Skywalker fancy dress costume soon and pay homage to the classic film?