Anyone thinking of sporting Iron Man fancy dress like Scarlett Johansson this summer may find that they get strangely attached to it.

The A-lister told MTV that she wore her skin-tight black catsuit for weeks on end to film scenes as her character the Black Widow - and ended up looking forward to seeing it again once it had been peeled off.

"When I was finished, the last time I had to wear it, it was kind of like, 'Goodbye, unitard. I will hopefully see you in 16 months '," she commented.

"It was actually much more comfortable than it looked."

This is likely to please people choosing the female version of Iron Man fancy dress for their events this year, who may have feared a little discomfort would be the price for such a sexy costume!

For a really similar costume to Scarlett's, all you really need is a super-tight black catsuit. Or perhaps an Iron Man fancy dress costume if you're looking for something more manly.