Perhaps he thought his sexy fancy dress was a little more convincing than it actually was, but dressing up as a woman didn't help one bank robber in the US recently.

Ronald Earl, 49, entered a bank in Oakland on March 18th 2010 and gave a note to a cashier demanding all the money from the desk, the Daily Tribune reports.

In order to help foil the workers, he donned a red wig, scarf and women's glasses and then made off with his loot.

However, police eventually tracked him down and put him in a line-up, where he was positively identified by those in the bank that day.

This week, he was convicted of robbery, despite trying to insist that he wasn't there at all.

Two friends said Earl had tried to recruit them as getaway drivers before robbing the bank, but they hadn't taken him seriously.

In September 2010, a man in Colorado attempted to rob a restaurant wearing Halloween fancy dress, but he too was foiled, this time by a panic button the Colorado Daily reported.