A Shrek fancy dress outfit apiece created a dream wedding for one couple in Bridgend this month.

While most people hope that they don't look hideous on their big day, Viv and Tracey Williams are such big fans of the Shrek films that they decided to do the opposite.

Tracey dressed up as Princess Fiona, while Viv donned the obligatory ogre ears to meet his bride at the altar.

The pair saw the first Shrek film on their first date, so the fancy dress wedding was an obvious choice.

"I wouldn't mind betting we've started a trend - the family absolutely loved it," enthused Viv.

However, we're a little worried after Tracey added: "Our friends always used to say we looked like the characters."

Who needs enemies, hey! But Shrek and Princess Fiona did prove that it's what's inside that counts, so we'll let them off.

And since the fourth Shrek movie comes out this year, Shrek fancy dress could be just the thing to stock up on for your own dressing up party!