If you're a fan of Sir Ian McKellen, then you're sure to be as excited about seeing him in zombie fancy dress as we are.

The respected actor has signed up for a low-budget movie that's being described as Shaun of the Dead meets Gone With the Wind.

Called E'gad Zombies!, it is set in the 18th century town of Upper Trollop and sees a mysterious virus turn all the men into beasts.

There are already viral sneak previews kicking around and people are already buzzing about the project.

Director Matthew Butler explained: "We tried to make it seem like an 18th century play with similar themes and characters but added zombies. This means it's a comedy with quite extreme characters."

We're very interested, as this sounds like a great idea!

Maybe Sir Ian will dress as an undead doctor - but, knowing his dry sense of humour, perhaps a Zombie Prom King might be more suitable.