If you're going to an event that requires you to dress up as someone from the silver screen, then you can't go wrong with Spiderman fancy dress costumes.

That's because the experts at ScreenRant.com have voted Spidey as the best superhero outfit ever, even with stiff competition from the likes of Superman.

The Webbed One pipped Iron Man and Superman into second and third places, while The Watchmen came third (really?).

Hellboy and poor old Batman could only watch from their secret hideaways in fourth and fifth places.

Paul Young from the website pointed out that Spiderman has it all, allowing anyone who dresses as him to look like they walked straight off the pages of a comic book.

Plus you'll have the added bonus of making people guess who you are before you take off your Spiderman Mask!

Just mind how you go if you want to recreate the famous upside down kiss - your party will be ruined if you fall on your head.