A Star Wars fancy dress stunt carried out in New York's subway earlier this month has become an internet sensation. Guerilla theatre group Improv Everywhere dressed up in Star Wars costumes to reenact the scene from the first film of the original trilogy in which Princess Leia meets Darth Vader onboard the Death Star. New actors joined the subway train at various stations to help recreate the action, with bewildered members of the public encouraged to participate too. According to the Telegraph, the YouTube video created of the 'mission'  has now received 3.25 million hits. It is not the first time the theatre group - whose motto is 'We Cause Scenes' - has caused a sensation around New York. In May 2010, the actors donned Ghostbusters fancy dress to act out a scene from the cult film in New York Public Library. They chose the building because the first scene from the 1984 movie was actually shot there.