Supermodel Heidi Klum has been spotted in superhero fancy dress for her own Halloween party.

The lingerie model and wife of pop star Seal donned a robot-like outfit for the annual ball she throws for friends and family, with Eva Longoria Parker rumoured to have been on the guest list for 2010.

"She's even gone so far as to wear some type of stilts. It's probably the coolest Halloween costume we've ever seen," enthused

However, it wasn't completely clear which particular character Klum had dressed up as - it may have been a Power Ranger, but we reckon it is more likely to have been Transformers fancy dress due to her jointed legs.

Last year, Klum joined forces with Seal to wear Hindu deity costumes according to RadarOnline, so this year's was a little less serious.

Other celebs spotted dressing up included Paris Hilton, who sported a bloody prom dress a la Stephen King's Carrie.