If you're eagerly anticipating the start of the new Premier League football season but think that a team-coloured scarf just doesn't adequately convey your excitement, then how about superhero fancy dress?

Don't just go for Superman or Spiderman fancy dress though, because you can proudly display your affinity with your chosen club thanks to a new range of superhero supporters costumes.

These are brand new to Escapade and available so far for Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Celtic, but more should come in for other teams all over the UK as the season progresses.

Our own Bhupendra Maisuria from Escapade said: "Fancy dress is becoming more and more a part of the Premier League season and the superhero supporters costumes are a great addition to this tradition."

You might want to make the most of the next day delivery option though, because the first games of the season start this very weekend (Saturday August 14th 2010!

It seems like only yesterday we were all sporting World Cup fancy dress too…