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One of Japan's top sushi chefs has been delighting his customers with Star Wars sculptures made out of food.

Okitsugu Kado, who works at Minayoshi, originally trained as an ice sculptor and is also a member of the Japanese fan group Jedi Order.

So, he decided to combine his two passions and create likenesses of Star Wars characters including Yoda and Han Solo out of everything from sweet potato to pumpkin.

The finished creations often take more than ten hours and some are so good that they go on display as decorations.

"I just want to see people smile - that is why I carve," explained Mr Kado.

The finished pieces are held together with bamboo skewers or toothpicks.

Last month, it was reported that Andrew Ainsworth, who created the stormtrooper helmet used in the Star Wars films, had won a legal battle against LucasFilm over copyright.

He now has the right to make replicas and sell them without risking the wrath of the movie empire.

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