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Police in Nottinghamshire were left red-faced recently, after smashing a car window to rescue a baby - only to find it was actually a doll.

Chanel Cristofis, five, had received the Reborn toy for her birthday and would leave it in her dad's car while she went to school and he went to work at a local chippy.

However, one particularly hot day, a passerby noticed the incredibly lifelike doll in the back of the Vauxhall and panicked, thinking it was a real child that could die in the heat.

She called the police and they smashed a window to get the 'child' out - but only realised their mistake when the toy was out in the open air and clearly made of plastic.

Chanel's mother Victoria told the Sun: "She is inseparable from this doll but it has caused all sorts of problems," adding that she has even been called a bad mother in supermarkets when other shoppers saw Chanel swinging the 'baby' around.

The police reminded motorists to be careful what they leave on show in vehicles.

Reborn dolls are created by Deborah King and even have veins painted on to make them look more lifelike.

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