Captain America

  • Comic book fans have been given a glimpse of the superhero fancy dress Ryan Reynolds is to wear when he becomes the Green Lantern (or one of them) soon.

    The US actor has been pictured on the cover of Entertainment Weekly in the costume, which is jade-coloured and very futuristic-looking.

    He has a white badge on his chest and is wearing one of the famed rings which give each Green Lantern his superpowers.

    The new movie - one of many comic book adaptations lately - won't be ready until next year, but it will see Reynolds play View Post
  • Anyone visiting London this summer could have the perfect opportunity to wear superhero fancy dress thanks to a new exhibition.

    Madame Tussaud's recently opened its Marvel SuperHeroes 4D display, which allows comic book fans to enter the world of their idols and explore like never before.

    There are a range of themed areas, including one showing Peter Parker in Spiderman fancy dress hanging on a View Post
  • The sexy fancy dress Megan Fox had to wear while filming Jonah Hex appealed to the actress because it made her feel powerful.

    She was required to wear saloon girl- style costumes as seen in the Wild West for the movie, which meant that corsets were a must for authenticity.

    However, Megan appears to be something of a sadist, as she told the Sun she was happy to have them tightened up as far as they would go.

    "[The producers] were concerned I was going to faint. But … I liked it - View Post