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Harrison Ford may come across as gruff and awkward in interviews, but he has shown he has a great sense of humour by taking part in a sketch for a US TV show.

A scene opened for the Jimmy Kimmel Live programme that showed the 69-year-old actor apparently getting his makeup done while talking on his mobile about a possible movie called Air Force One Two.

However, his face turns stony as a familiar face appears in the doorway - his old Star Wars pal Chewbacca.

Rather than hugging his Millennium Falcon co-pilot, Ford launches into a tirade against him, yelling: "I'm done with that Star Wars crap and I'm done with you!"

Referring to his new film Cowboys and Aliens, the Han Solo actor informs Chewie that Daniel Craig is "my Wookie bitch now" and throws him out of the dressing room.

Hinting at the reason why, Ford shouted after him: "She was my wife ... she's still spitting up hairballs!"

The hilarious clip shows the actor can still knock spots off stars half his age - you can catch him in Cowboys and Aliens from August 12th 2011.

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