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Fans of Star Wars took to social networking sites in their thousands yesterday to celebrate what is increasingly being referred to as Star Wars Day (if you're not sure why, it's twisting May the Force Be With You to May the 4th Be With You).

Messages based on the sci-fi saga trended on Twitter and the official website was crashed as droves of people checked it for an exciting new announcement.

A clock had been counting down and promising something fresh would be revealed, but in the end George Lucas was forced to put out an announcement because the portal was jammed up with heavy traffic.

He finally unveiled The Complete Saga on Blu-Ray, allowing die-hards to own all six movies in clarity never seen before, together with scores of special features and deleted scenes.

However, according to the Metro, some fans were disappointed about the anti-climax, particularly since many had already begun speculating about potential re-releases of the movies in cinemas.

Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope first burst on to the silver screen in 1977 and instantly became a hit with both sci-fi enthusiasts and those who simply enjoy a good story.

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