• Rihanna took time out in Toronto this week to meet some of her young fans, some of whom were in children's fancy dress.

    The Disturbia singer was in the Canadian city yesterday (August 5th 2010) as part of her Last Girl on Earth tour and seemed pleased to pose for pictures with the youngsters.

    One was wearing a jolly clown fancy dress costume, while another dressed as a princess to meet her idol, the Daily Mail reports.

    Rihanna, 22, then took part in some fancy dress-wearing

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  • A man who tried to rob a bank in America wearing children's fancy dress failed this week after being caught by booby-trapped money.

    Dennis Hawkins, 48, sported a clown costume, a blonde wig and - rather bizarrely - fake breasts to attempt the heist in Pennsylvania on Saturday (July 24th 2010).

    However, after holding up cashiers with a toy gun and making off with a bag of cash, Hawkins' master plan began to fail.

    He attempted to steal a car but its owner jumped out with the keys, while the bag of money exploded

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  • Cardiff will be awash with carnival fancy dress later this month as the city participates in its annual Caribbean-themed carnival event.

    A colourful parade will take to the streets on July 31st 2010 complete with costumes, dancers, music and body-painted people emulating dragons.

    It is being run by the South Wales Intercultural Community Arts group and is sure to attract throngs of people, the Western Mail reports.

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