A man who tried to rob a bank in America wearing children's fancy dress failed this week after being caught by booby-trapped money.

Dennis Hawkins, 48, sported a clown costume, a blonde wig and - rather bizarrely - fake breasts to attempt the heist in Pennsylvania on Saturday (July 24th 2010).

However, after holding up cashiers with a toy gun and making off with a bag of cash, Hawkins' master plan began to fail.

He attempted to steal a car but its owner jumped out with the keys, while the bag of money exploded with red paint, clearly marking him as the guilty party.

Police arrived as the would-be robber sat in the vehicle to contemplate his next move and took him off to prison.

This comes in the same week as another thief, this time in New York, successfully pulled off a bank robbery by disguising himself in Star Wars fancy dress.