Jack Sparrow

  • Pirates of the Caribbean fancy dress is among the costumes forming part of a new display at Leeds City Museum.

    The Heroes and Heroines exhibition showcases some of the most memorable costumes ever to grace film and television, including the swashbuckling outfit worn by Orlando Bloom.

    Colin Firth's gentlemanly rigout from Pride and Prejudice may bring back memories for some of his fans, while Renee Zellwegger's 1920s flapper fancy

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  • Rumour has it that Hollywood hottie Megan Fox could be set to don a Pirates of the Caribbean costume soon.

    According to various reports, producers of the popular franchise are keen to sign up the Transformers actress to play a part in Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

    Nothing has yet been confirmed by the films' officials or the lady herself, but fans are already getting excited about the prospect of a new character to liven up proceedings.

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  • A swashbuckling team of people from Devon - including some who donned Jack Sparrow fancy dress - have managed to smash a Guinness World Record thanks to a pirate-themed event that took place over the bank holiday.

    More than 1,700 men, women and children gathered in Brixham to try and take the title of the biggest ever gathering of pirates, which was previously held by Portland in the US.

    And thanks to an array of eye patches, wooden legs and parrots, they beat the record by almost 250.

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