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A couple from South Carolina have claimed that the image of Jesus has appeared on a till receipt from Walmart.

Jacob Simmons and his fiancee Gentry Lee Sutherland told a local news provider they had been shopping for pictures there recently and took the receipt back to their apartment with them.

It ended up on the floor a few days later and it was only when Ms Sutherland stopped to pick it up that she spotted something unusual.

The scrap of paper had developed grey colouring in patches, resulting in what looked very much like a face.

And it wasn't just any face either - the American insists it is the image of the good lord.

"I just looked on the floor and it was like it was looking at me. It was just shocking, breathtaking," she commented.

The pair explained it could be a divine message, as their preacher had only led a sermon a few days previously and concluded with the question: "If you know God, would you recognise him if you saw him?"

"We just feel like it's a blessing that God showed it to us and opened our eyes," Ms Sutherland enthused, although the face could actually be anyone with a beard.

It's not the first time people have claimed to have seen Jesus appearing on everyday objects. In fact, he has apparently shown himself on everything from a tea towel to a toilet door, a rocking chair and a baby scan.

Someone in America recently thought they saw him in a cloud floating over Mount Sinai, but one of the most interesting sightings was on Google Street View.

Hovering in the sky over a lake in Switzerland was what looked like a couple of shadowy figures - could it have been Jesus and God?

Sadly, since Google always blurs out the faces of people it snaps for the service, it looks like we'll never know.

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