Halloween fancy dress parties look set to be a lively affair in 2010 as people seek to forget the doom and gloom seen during the recession.

We've been carrying out some research into costume preferences based on sales and social networking and have found that while obvious choices such as vampire fancy dress and Harry Potter outfits continue to be popular, so do certain others.

This year, searches for comedy outfits are up by a massive 35 per cent, with sales also going up dramatically.

"We believe that the current visitor trend towards comedy-related costumes is a direct result of people looking to escape from the reality of today's economy," commented our very own Bhupendra Maisuria.

Mad Hatter fancy dress remains popular thanks to the recent Tim Burton film, but how about paying tribute to The Simpsons with a Krusty the Clown outfit? You could even add a few props to turn him into an evil toy a la Treehouse of Horror III.