An exhibition in Los Angeles is showcasing the best in film fancy dress, including several outfits from Oscar-nominated flicks.

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising is the location for the show, which is entitled Art Of Motion Picture Costume Design and is on now.

Among the outfits available for visitors to look at is the Mad Hatter fancy dress worn by Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland and the Elizabethan dress worn by Helen Mirren in The Tempest.

By chance, although the exhibition was organised before the Oscar nominations were announced, there are also costumes from The King's Speech and True Grit.

Fashion historian Kevin Jones commented: "Costumes perform. They're often the first thing that speak to the audience, before the actor even speaks. They set the time, the place, the economic status. It's the great power of costumes for film."

If you can't make it to LA, you could always head to Portsmouth, which is currently showcasing the costumes worn in TV series The Tudors at its Mary Rose Museum.