Read lifestyle news as you browse for fun fancy dress with Escapade People who like tea can now enjoy wearing it as well as drinking it, because Tetley has launched a new scent capturing the essence of the humble cuppa. Yes, we thought it was an April fool at first too, but the manufacturer said it decided to launch Le Brew via its eBay site after finding tea is one of Britain's favourite smells. Indeed, it came fourth in a list also featuring fresh bread, cut grass and clean laundry. Le Brew features Tina from the Tetley Tea Folk - who is drawn to look like Marilyn Monroe on the bottle - and the tongue-in-cheek strapline 'eau de tea-lette'. Tetley marketing manager Anand Gandesha said the news should turn Tina into an icon. "By creating her signature scent she now sits alongside megastars like Elizabeth Taylor, Christina Aguilera and Sarah Jessica Parker, who each have their own perfume," he added. This comes after the Yorkshire Evening Post featured a man called Andrew Blamires, who has a huge tattoo on his back featuring all of the Tea Folk. The cartoons came out of retirement in order to front the brand's adverts again last year. Check out the latest Marilyn Monroe fancy dress like Tina's at Escapade