Read celebrity news as you browse for film fancy dress with Escapade Amanda Holden has been emulating another bubbly blonde this week as she posed for a shoe ad. The Britain's Got Talent judge is the feet of TrimSole Toning Footwear and she can be seen in the publicity photos lying on her stomach in a dress very similar to the one Marilyn Monroe wore in The Seven Year Itch. She also has her hair tousled like the iconic movie star and someone has even drawn on a little beauty spot to complete the look. However rather than high heels under the white frock, she lifts her leg to reveal flip-flops that are designed to tone the legs as the wearer walks. We're not quite sure about the Marilyn link, but the look really suits her! Amanda will be back on TV screens in Britain's Got Talent on April 16th 2011, having reshot some scenes which previously featured a baby bump. The performer has also been dressing up as Princess Fiona for Shrek the Musical rehearsals - she will meet Prince Charles at a gala performance on June 8th and wrote on Twitter that she is hoping not to "burp in his face". Check out the latest Marilyn Monroe fancy dress at Escapade