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Now here's a great way to liven up an otherwise dull day at work - turn up at the office in an Iron Man costume.

That's what one Chinese man did recently after spending several months building an ensemble based on the outfit worn by Robert Downey Jr in the hit Iron Man movies.

Wang Xiao Kang spent around £274 on the aluminium suit, which features a glowing arc reactor just like in the films. However, he decided to base his costume on the early version of the Iron Man get-up seen in the first movie, rather than the more polished red and gold one that appears later on.

Once it was finished, he donned the 50 kg suit and strode - somewhat heavily - into work at the telecoms company he's employed by, eliciting screams from frightened members of staff in the process.

Despite the initial terror, the Iron Man costume attracted compliments from Mr Wang's bosses - as well as from certain ladies enamoured with the new look.

"They said I am a happy and creative man and they wanted to know me," he told the Daily Mail.

He added that he plans to make more suits so that they become lighter and easier to put on - this first costume takes ten minutes to get into!

That's exactly what Downey Jr's character, Tony Stark, does in the first Iron Man film - although as the leader of an international weapons manufacturing corporation, he has quite a lot more advanced technology at his disposal than Mr Wang seems to have.

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