Wearing werewolf fancy dress to school would have been given short shrift from our teachers, but it seems that education chiefs in Texas are having to put up with it because of a new craze.

According to the Sun, teenagers are sporting yellow contact lenses, fangs and furry tails to their classes as part of a trend which pays homage to the fantastical creatures.

Twilight and other such films have been blamed for the sudden surge in 'wolf packs' in schools across the state, with the kids involved hanging around in packs of about 20.

Headteacher Bill Hill commented: "They walk down the hallways swishing their tails. It's a bit different from the school gangs of my youth - but they don't seem troublesome."

However, one 15-year-old denied the craze was down to Twilight, pointing out haughtily that human wolves have been around much longer than that.

We're just wondering how long it will be before the girls start dressing up in Little Red Riding Hood costumes in response!