The 4th of July

The 4th of July, like Ron burgundy, is pretty much a big deal. If you’re not schooled on the history of our allies; and you’re not an expat, then get to-reading! Escapade are here to enlighten you and school you on all things red white and blue! July 4th or as it is formally know, Independence Day; celebrates the adoption of the declaration of independence. On this day 13 U.S colonies officially declared their freedom from the U.K.; and the great U.S. of A was born. There is of course an alternative 1996  version of independence day where Will Smith saves the planet from aliens but for educational purposes let’s just stick with the former. As we are in merry old England, Independence Day isn't a national holiday but this year July 4th falls on a Saturday (Wooohooo!) so the good folk here at Escapade have come up with a few pro tips on how to get the perfect patriot party this side of the pond. We have made an awesome Pinterest board with loads of party inspiration and tutorials, but first let's break down the top 5 July the 4th party MUST haves.

1. BBQ’s


Cookouts as they are affectionately known in America are a staple foundation of any 4th of July celebration.  So be sure to bring the meat and get cookin’. And if you merely a passenger upon this party bus?  At least pretend to contribute with a side dish of potato salad or coleslaw.


2. Fireworks



There is nothing like celebrating the independence of your country like blowing things up in the SKY. Fireworks and Freedom seem to go hand in hand when it comes to July 4th with many major cities providing beautiful booms from sea to shining sea.

But let’s get real about the situation ain't nobody going to be selling fireworks outside November we hear you cry! Well Escapade has got you covered as we stock a yearly supply of fireworks at fancy fresh superstore in Camden Town.


 3. Alcohol




Usually there is only one acceptable beverage when it comes to celebrating the land of the free and home of the Big Mac and that is Beer. Or vodka, whiskey, cider, rum or whatever. .. Getting white girl wasted with a bunch of your besties is a crucial part of what being an independent adult is all about.

But for all those designated drivers out there (we love you) Escapade have also pinned a few delicious non-alcoholic drink ideas so you can red cup with the best of them. Because having a sober adult around various open fires and gunpowder is always a good idea right?


 4. Dessert




We cannot reiterate the importance of all food on the 4th of July. It’s so important that we decided to mention it twice! After a long day of chugging brewskis with your bro's you're going to need a sugar rush. Of course nothing is as sweet as the taste of true freedom but what better way to wash down all that magnificent meat than with pie. Lots and lots of pie.

Whether it's red, white or blueberry head over to our Pinterest page for an assortment of ideas for  delicious sweet treats to keep that food baby looking big, bold and oh so very beautiful.

 5. Patriotism


From eagles, presidents and dressing head to toe in all things red, white and bluetifull; Americas got patriotism to spare and Escapade will have get you patriot party perfect with a wide range of costumes available in store and on our website. (Shameless plug)

So there you have it; our top 5 tips on cookouts, cakes, celebrating a of life liberty whilst raising your glasses to America. To view all the tutorials we have pictured, plus a whole load more, click the image below!

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