If you've still not sorted out your sexy fancy dress for Valentine's Day, then you'd better get a move on - there's only six days left!

Anyone struggling over what to wear could consider following a few tips from Gossip Girl stylist Eric Daman, who told Hollywood Life he likes to see costumes that are a little toned down.

"Don't dress overly sexy with everything red! Red lips, dress and thong is not the way to go. Pull it back a bit," he recommended.

The expert suggested going for casual sexiness and just a little splash of colour. He added that he particularly likes sheer arms and lace overlays to add to the seduction process, as it means that not everything is on show.

If you're not keen on the typical V-Day outfits, you could try something saucy but themed.

Given the recent popularity of new TV series Boardwalk Empire, how about opting for a gangster's moll fancy dress costume?