Top 5 Superhero Friends

Superhero best friends

Today is National Best Friends Day! To celebrate we thought we would look at our top 5 superhero duo’s, who we love to love (and maybe write fanfiction about).

#1 - Batman and Robin.

Batman and robin friends Credit: DC Comics
These caped crusaders became a dynamic duo after the creators of Batman decided they wanted to hook a younger readership. Robin, a junior sidekick to Batman helps him to fight crime and solve mysteries. Sometimes he can come across as goofy and uncool, but we all have that one friend, who we love even if their jokes are bad!  

#2- Harley Quinn and Ivy.

Harley Quinn and Ivy best friends Credit: DC comics
Ladies with attitude will always be drawn together. As these two quite literally were in Batman: The Animated Series. It has also been alluded to that these two are actually on and off lovers! Which isn’t surprising as they have both had abusive pasts, Ivy has been a supportive shoulder for Harley to cry on after breaking up with The Joker. Their friendship is complicated and with today’s audience baying for more same-sex couples to be portrayed, (see #GiveElsaAGirlfriend and #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend) It’s a breath of fresh air. Either way, they have been there for each other through thick and thin and it’s great to see two female characters supporting each other!

#3 - Green Arrow and Green Lantern.

Green arrow and Green Lantern friends Credit: DC Comics
These two go back to the ‘70s and as they say, opposites attract! Green Lantern is a space cop, who sees most situations in black and white, whilst billionaire playboy, Green Arrow, is the liberal vigilantly .Their differences made this duo work in the groundbreaking bromantic comic series Green Lantern”.  The trailblazing comics often used real life headlines as storylines and covered issues on drug use, racism and corruption.

#4 - Wolverine & Nightcrawler.

These chums can only be described as monsters with hearts of gold. A perfect match, as Logan’s violent nature sometimes makes him just as much of an outcast from society as Kurt's physical appearance! However, put them together and they share a love of drinking and late night philosophical discussions, bringing a level of adult humor to the School for Gifted Youngsters.
Credit: Marvel Comics Credit: Marvel Comics
They have endured much over the years, from juvenile, yet character building dares, such as when Logan daring Kurt to be in public undisguised, for all to see and to prove that people wouldn’t react as negatively as he first thought.

#5 - Professor X & Magneto.

Magneto and Professor-x friends Credit: Marvel - Avengers VS X-Men #6
Two mutants from different sides of the world, as well as walks of life (sensing a theme here?) met with a similar passion and aim to bring mutants and humans together, but ultimately, disagreeing on how this could be achieved. Charles, a mind-reading mutant, born to a family of New York Blue bloods and Erik a Jewish child, with the power to generate and control magnetic fields, from war-torn Nazi-controlled Europe. However, their friendship was doomed from the start as Erik’s chip on his shoulder from his time in a concentration camp made him foresee mutants as the new minority who would be persecuted, whereas Professor X only wanted peaceful coexistence. Despite their the on/off friendship they both show level of care for each other that transcends their differentiating views.