Anyone who admired the Gladiator costume that Russell Crowe wore in the epic film Gladiator may wish to organise a trip to Torquay.

That's because the popular holiday resort's museum is to host an exhibition looking at suits of armour and military costumes over the years.

Not only will there be knights in shining armour and Roman soldiers, but there will also be movie props, with Russell's outfit among the star attractions.

Torquay Museum curator of collections Barry Chandler told the Devon Herald Express: "This will be a truly hands-on exhibition for all the family, with replica arms and armour and film costumes that can be handled and worn."

Other films covered by Way of the Warrior - Gladiator to Soldier include 300, Saving Private Ryan and Kingdom of Heaven.

It will be held between June 23rd and September 8th 2010 and could make the perfect excursion for a summer holiday for lads and dads.

Should you wish to dress up, you could try a dashing Knight fancy dress costume - just be careful you don't get caught up in the battle reenactments!