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Friday 21st June, 2019 sees the release of Pixar’s Toy Story 4, and the film looks set to break at least one record - pre-sales tickets could reach the $200 million mark in its first weekend, which would beat the opening weekend record of $182.6 million set by Incredibles 2 last year. And there’s plenty of good reasons why so many fans are so excited about Toy Story 4. Here’s a few of them …

All the films have been great so far …

Has there been a series of films that have been as consistent as the first three Toy Storys? There have been some great sequels, yet when it comes to trilogies, there are few and far between. There’s the Apu Trilogy, the original Star Wars trilogy, Lord of the Rings, the Three Colours trilogy and the Before trilogy. Some might put Godfather up there as well, even if the third film is not as impressive as the first (if underrated).

Now that Toy Story is becoming a quartet or, like Alien, a “quadrilogy”, it could well become one of the most critically and commercially brilliant set of films around. To pull off such a feat is difficult, but Pixar knows that Toy Story is a flagship franchise, so they will want to pull it off. To do so would truly cement Pixar in the pantheon of animation studio giants, alongside Studio Ghibli (even though they’re there already!).

Bo Peep is back again …

In Toy Story 3, we find out that several members of Andy’s toy family have been. Given away, donated, sold at yard sales or even - gulp - got broken and/or thrown out. Etch and Wheezy were two of them. Sadly for Sheriff Woody, Bo Peep was another one. However, unlike with the others, we know that Bo Peep is alive and well out there somewhere. It seems a guarantee that Woody will find his soulmate again, but the question is, will the two stay together this time?

Others like Jessie and the Toy Soldiers will still be there, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Rex, Hamm and Slinky. However, fan favourite and Barbie’s heartthrob, Ken, will not be making a return appearance.

Speaking a little bit more of Bo Peep …

We’re all dying to find out what her story is, what happened to her, and what’s become of her now. Bo Peep has changed, it seems, losing the puffy dress and going for a playsuit and bow affair (still keeping the Bo Peep cape, though) more suited to an action-packed wider world.

Who’s Forky?

Forky is Bonnie Anderson’s homemade toy - a spork who gains consciousness after being dressed up and being played with as a toy. This is high concept, philosophical sci-fi at its finest, people!

Will Toy Story 4 be a feelgood tearjerker of the highest quality?

You can pretty much guarantee it. Even Tim Allen, who voices Woody, said he found it a bit difficult to get through the last scenes. Why he found it so difficult, we can only speculate, but let’s not hope it’s not too sad. Seeing Yoda pass away on screen was enough. Don’t put us through that again, cinema!

Will this be the last Toy Story?
Whilst we can’t say for sure whether or not this will be the last Toy Story, it seems as if it might be. Who knows, though? The ending may be left open, and we’re sure to see Buzz Lightyear and co. in a few other Pixar movies. Maybe even a couple of spinoff films of theor own!