People on the lookout for a really cool costume soon could think about using Halloween fancy dress for inspiration.

It may be a little late for the festival itself (or early, depending on which way you look at it), but Valentina Palladino from Her Campus pointed out that a certain type of spooky outfit is still very much a feature of popular culture right now - the vampire.

She pointed out that this is all thanks to True Blood, which started its third series recently and is still as cool and feisty as ever.

The writer said she thinks the show is much better than Twilight and could make for some great costumes.

For instance, Ms Palladino recommended wearing vampire fancy dress and going to your party as Pam, Eric's second in command at Fangtasia.

"Don't forget to doll yourself up in Vogue-esque makeup with dark eyeliner, dramatic lipstick and pale foundation," she added.

In case you need more inspiration, True Blood is on FX on Friday nights at 22:00.