Last night one of our favourite suppliers of Vampire fangs made their debut on the Silver Screen as the hit US show CSI, Las Vegas featured their stars wearing a wide selection of Scarecrow vampire fangs.

The incredibly realistic fangs went down a treat as the CSI’s looked to solve a series of murders taking place at a Vampire and Werewolf convention in Las Vegas (where else could a convention for Werewolf’s and Vampires happen but Vegas?) While the episode only aired in the USA last night it will probably be around six months before those of us in the UK get to find our if the CSI’s solve the case, however we have a sneaky suspicion that they just might! Vampire fangs are expected to be a hot commodity this year with the popularity of movie franchise Twilight and the plethora of vampire shows dominating television. If you are looking for a Halloween costume that will really let your vampire or vampiress side out then the incredibly realistic Scarecrow fangs will turn you into a blood sucker in no time.