A village in Renfrewshire is preparing for an extraterrestrial invasion of alien fancy dress next month.

Howwood is running its annual village fete on June 19th and this year's theme involves all things other-worldly, so the residents are getting very excited with preparations, the Gazette reports.

Alien mascot D'kki and his pals will be appearing on leaflets to encourage little ones to take part in the alien children's fancy dress parade, as well as more themed competitions like model-making throughout the day.

There will also be food, bouncy castles, stalls and all manner of other fun things to do.

Christine Scarsbrook, one of the organisers, said: "Model-making and fancy dress competitions will involve the whole village … kids can run with their imaginations."

If you live nearby and want to take part but feel your tot may not want to dress up as a scary alien, then don't worry - there are plenty of friendly ones!

Don't forget that Teletubbies fancy dress costumes fall into the extraterrestrial category, so your youngster can look cute while fitting right in.