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Data released by Powys Police has suggested Wales could be a hotbed of supernatural activity.

According to a Freedom of Information request, officers have been called out to investigate 20 UFO sightings, 11 witches, two vampires and 26 ghosts in recent years.

There were even a couple of zombie sightings and several calls concerning rampant big cats in the countryside.

None of the alleged sightings was followed up - but they haven't been explained either. Except for one, which turned out to be an actor in character for a horror movie being filmed nearby.

The request also revealed that no money whatsoever was spent on mediums or psychics by police in solving crimes.

Earlier this month, a pair of Siberian walkers claimed to have found the body of a dead alien in the snow. They even had a video of the discovery, which they posted online, suggesting that the corpse may have been missed during the clean-up of a UFO crash by Russian authorities.

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