A website has been counting down the wackiest ever film fancy dress costumes ever seen on the silver screen.

Stuart Cummins of Obsessed with Film said that with pop stars like Lady Gaga making weird outfits cool again, there has never been a better time to have a look back at what was worn in the flicks in days gone by.

Although Beetlejuice fancy dress and the Frank N Furter outfit from the Rocky Horror Picture Show made the top ten, they and some worthy others were beaten by an unlikely candidate.

Making the top spot was the costume John Travolta sported in the universally-panned 2000 film Battlefield Earth.

"This is possibly the most disturbing costume EVER worn! Dodgy dreads, sausage fingers and emphasised-WAY-too-much package = vomit," Mr Cummins raged.

The film itself didn't fare any better with critics, with Jon Stewart of The Daily Show describing it as "a cross between Star Wars and the smell of ass".