We'd like to hear them say it to their faces - if they were real, obviously - but the people at MTV have voted Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk's costumes as being among the most dysfunctional in the world of superheroes.

Wonder Woman came under fire for her hotpants and bustier combo, which the website said would be quite inappropriate for her line of work.

Meanwhile, The Incredible Hulk got picked on for his flimsy purple trousers

"We're still amazed that the pants survive his transformations at all, albeit in shreds, but surely there's some super fabric out there that would hold up better," MTV commented.

Granted, Wonder Woman would struggle to run properly in an outfit like that, while Hulk would probably have been arrested for indecent exposure by now if they both actually existed.

But where's MTV's sense of fun? Superheroes - and therefore our superhero fancy dress homages - would be boring if they all wore suits or overalls!

So here's to escapism - and more outrageous outfits.