World Book Day


Fancy Dress for World Book Day 2015

Children today have a wealth of toys, television shows, computer games and electronic gadgets all fighting to occupy their spare time. However, it’s heartening to see that the majority of fictional characters delighting today’s children still start their lives in books.

With so many distractions it’s more important than ever to encourage your children to fall in love with books and reading.

What is World Book Day?

World Book Day is a chance for children to share their passion for books and fiction, the celebration is organised by UNESCO and is held on the 5th March in the UK. Schools receive resource packs and book tokens to distribute to children. The token can be exchanged at a participating book shop between 2nd and 29th March; it enables the child to choose 1 of 8 selected books for free, or alternatively it entitles them to a £1 discount off any book of their choosing. On the day children bring in their books to school and celebrate their favourite characters together.

How can I encourage my child to read?

The focus should be on making reading both fun and accessible to your children –

Designate reading time – reading is often omitted from children’s schedules so it’s not given the priority it deserves. Don’t force your kids to read if they’re tired though, you should encourage children to see reading as a pleasure and not as a chore. Join a library – it can be expensive finding out your child’s preferred style of book. Joining a library will overcome this and will allow your child to freely discover their favourite authors. Bedtime stories – reading to your children is perhaps the best way to encourage them to start reading themselves. Ask them questions to maintain their interest in the story. Types of reading – comics, non-fiction and magazines shouldn’t be seen as inferior. They still involve reading and allow children to improve their skills and confidence. Always have a book at hand – make reading a part of family life and allow children to read whenever possible. Don’t find yourself without children’s books on a long journey or a weekend away. Re-reading – don’t discourage re-reading as it’s great for growing children’s confidence. World Book Day resources - it’s a good idea to speak to your child’s teacher and find out if they’re planning to use any of the resources in class, you’ll then be able to use any of the remaining activities at home.

Fancy Dress & World Book Day

Most schools ask children to arrive at school in fancy dress on or around the 5th March. It immerses the children in their favourite books, and most importantly it encourages children to see reading as a fun hobby.

2015’s Selected Books: Fancy Dress Ideas

Age: 2+

The Dinosaur That Pooped a Lot!

dino 1

Kid’s Dinosaur Costume

Toddler’s Raptor Costume

Face Paint

Age: 5+

A Pirate's Guide to Landlubbing


Pirate Boy Costume

Sassy Pirate Child

Pirate Eye Patch Satin

Toy Pirate Sword

Tabard Rabbit Costume, Child

Plush Rabbit Eyemask

Bunny Costume with Hood Children

Age: 7+

Goth Girl and the Pirate Queen


Ship Mate Pirate Girl Costume – Child

Gothic Bride Wig 

Pirate Hat with Gold Edge 

Inflatable Treasure Chest

The Diary of Dennis the Menace: World Menace Day


Afro Wig - Economy, Black 

Eyebrows Black

Age: Young Adult

Geek Girl


Ginger Twit Specs

Other Fictional Characters: Fancy Dress Ideas



Horrid Henry £13.99

Oliver £8.99

Willy Wonka £19.99

Harry Potter £21.99


Sleeping Beauty £11.99

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles £17.99

Batman £17.99

Where’s Wally £16.95


Spiderman costume £19.99

Aladdin Princess Jasmine £11.99

Funnybones £9.99

Little Mermaid £18.99


Spiderman £12.99

Cat in the Hat £15.99

Bilbo Baggins £13.99

101 Dalmatians £18.99