It's definitely fun to carefully plan Halloween fancy dress each year and head off to a spooky party, but could you do it for a career?

Apparently, this is exactly what's happening in America - people are so fed up of the economic downturn and being stuck in dead-end jobs that they are applying for seasonal jobs in haunted houses.

The Kansas City Star reports there are 20 per cent more applicants for vacancies at that city's Full Moon Productions - which runs attractions including the Chambers of Edgar Allan Poe and the Macabre Cinema - this year.

This is also being echoed around the country, the newspaper states, with lots of teachers interested in abandoning multiplication for mutilation.

Amber Arnett-Bequeaith from Full Moon Productions said people being out of work is a large factor.

"But we're also taken by surprise by people who have jobs but are looking for a new experience," she added.

It may sound like a good idea to throw the towel in if you're bored at work, but don't forget there may not be much demand for terrifying creatures come next summer.

Perhaps it would be best to keep your Scream fancy dress for just once a year…