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X-Men fans watching the new prequel First Class may not spot any James Bond costumes among the mutant outfits sported in the movie, but the suave spy was one of the influences behind it.

This is according to its director Matthew Vaughn, who said he was determined to bring in some of the aspects of the Bond films in order to create the perfect setting.

"I watched all the early Bond movies again. You Only Live Twice I watched a couple of times. I really wanted it to feel like a '60s Bond film, but with a little bit of reality it could be grounded in. I wanted there to be just a hint of this world of the mutants coming through," he told Hitfix.

The prequel to the previous X-Men films provides some of the backstory on Professor Xavier and Magneto's opposing views on humanity's relationship with mutants.

Xavier thinks they can live together peacefully, but Magneto is nowhere near as keen and First Class sees them meet for the first time during the Cold War.

Interestingly, Vaughn said he also has an idea for a follow-up to First Class. He told the news provider it may involve the assassination of John F Kennedy, but with a magic bullet controlled by Magneto. Sounds intriguing!

X-Men: First Class is to be released in the UK on June 1st 2011, although there is no indication yet as to when more prequels might be ready.

Vaughn did say though that he intends to bring in one more brand-new character in the next movies, but did not reveal who he has in mind.

"As Professor X is in a wheelchair, Magneto needs to have a nemesis he can fight with," he pointed out.

British man band Take That have recorded part of the soundtrack for X-Men: First Class and this got them thinking during a recent Belfast Telegraph interview about what superhero superpowers they would choose if they got the chance.

Jason Orange said he would be invisible so he could eavesdrop, while Gary Barlow revealed he would like to fly - because he is afraid of aeroplanes.

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