Halloween always falls in the middle of mid-term, and lands on a Saturday this year, so you’re going to need to plan lots of activities to keep the little ones busy while making the most of the fun that comes with the spooky season!   SHRUNKEN APPLE HEADS Everyone carves pumpkins at Halloween - encourage the kids to be different this year and turn one of your five a day into a hideously horrible haunted Halloween House accessory!
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                                    Things You’ll Need 5 Granny Smith Apples 3 teaspoons of Salt Juice of one Lemon Whole Cloves or Googly Eyes (optional) Rice Grains (optional) Vegetable Peeler   Get Started 1. Mix the lemon juice and salt. Peel the apples and soak them in the lemon juice mixture for one minute, this prevents them browning. 2. Draw features on the apples and carve them out. Don’t make features too small as they will be lost when the apple dries out. Whole cloves can be inserted into the eye sockets and rice grains can be used as teeth. 3. Soak the apple in the lemon mixture again for one more minute. Pat dry. 4. To kick-start the drying process, set your over to 175C and put your apples in for an hour of two. 5. Afterwards, place on a wire rack and store in a cool, dry place for up to three weeks. 6. Check regularly for mould and scrape off if it appears. 7. Spritz lightly with multi-purpose cleaner to deter mould growth.     GLOWING EYES These glowing eyes are a simple and effective Halloween decoration that kids will just love! Hide them in nooks and crannies inside, or pop them in between bushes and shrubs in the garden to terrorise trick’r’treaters.  
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                                          Things You’ll Need Empty toilet roll holders Scissors Glow sticks   Get Started 1. Trace spooky eye onto the rolls and cut out the shapes. 2. Snap your glow-sticks to activate them and cellotape one glow-stick inside each roll. 3. Hide Your glow in the dark monster eyes around the house and garden and watch them come alive as the sun goes down.     MUMMY FRONT DOOR Magically mummify your front door using good old crepe paper. Make a statement with this easy and cheap DIY decoration and you’ll have all eyes on your haunted house this Halloween.
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                          Things You’ll Need White Crepe Paper Streamers Double Sided Sticky Tape White and Black Construction Paper   Get Started 1. Tear strips of crepe paper a little longer than your doors width and wrap it across your door using double sided sticky tape 2. Make sure to change up the direction in which you wrap the crepe paper and don’t be afraid to overlap! 3. Tape the excess around the edge of the door. 4. Cut large circles out of the white paper and smaller circles from the black paper. 5. Glue the black paper to the white paper and attach as eyes to the door.       PUMPKIN SEED MOSAIC Create some pumpkin artwork using the pumpkin itself! Children of all ages love painting, and they should be encouraged to do so, even if it does become a messy affair! Sometime kids can get bored just using a paint and paintbrush so here’s is a pretty simple take on painting that changed things up and  should be relatively mess free.  
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Things You’ll Need Pumpkin Seeds (clean and dry) Paint (Orange, Green and Black) Paper (A5, A4, or A3 sized) Superglue Aluminium Foil Get Started 1. Ensure pumpkin seeds are clean and dry, roast them in the oven for a few minutes if you have time. 2. Lay the seeds out on the aluminium foil and paint most of them orange. Depending on how many you need for  the face, paint some of them black, and paint a small few green to create the stalk. 3. You can just paint the side of the seeds facing up, there is no need to paint the back of the seed. 4. While the seeds are drying, draw your pumpkin design on to the paper and paint the outline with the glue. 5. Place the seeds on the page and see your Jack-o-Lantern come to life!     WOODEN SPOON BAT PUPPET Kids love Halloween (all those free sweets!) and nothing will get them more excited than making home-made Halloween decorations. Make a few and hang them from your garden tree to create a colony of swooping bats.
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  Things You’ll Need Wooden Spoon Black Paint Glue Googly Eyes Craft Foam (Black) White Marker   Get Started Paint the spoon black and allow to dry. Meanwhile cut two small triangles from the craft foam to replicate bat ears. Draw a larger wing shape on the foam and cut. Stick the googly eyes, two triangle ears and wings to the spoon. Draw on a mouth shape with the white marker to finish.       JELLY ORANGE JACK-O-LANTERNS What could be better than a Halloween craft that you can eat? After all their hard work decorating the kids definitely deserve this one.
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Things You’ll Need Oranges Knife Strawberry/Raspberry Jelly   Get Started           1. Wash the oranges and help the kids use a sharp knife to slice off the tops. 2. Make the jelly according to the packet instructions and allow to cool. 3. Meanwhile scoop out on the orange flesh as best you can and carve eerie pumpkin faces into the orange flesh. 4. Once the jelly has cooled, place the oranges in a muffin tray and spoon the jelly into them. 5. Place the orange lids on top. Allow to fully set in the fridge. 6. TIP: Make fresh orange juice from the removed flesh afterwards.     CUPCAKE CASE SPIDER WEB Sure, every house has the odd spider and spider web but now you can make your own colourful versions with this simple Halloween how-to guide. Tie them together with string or hang them on their own.
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                      Things You’ll Need Cupcake Cases (ideally Halloween themed, or white) Round Black Stickers Scissors Black Marker
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                          Get Started 1. Fold the cupcake paper in half three times until it resembles a very narrow triangle. 2. Cut narrow strips out of the paper working from the outside inwards. 3. Unfold and stick a black sticker in the centre of the paper. 4. Use the marker to add eight spider legs. 5. Attach to string and hang around the house.     BAT FILLED FRONT DOOR Frighten the neighbours right off the bat with a swarm of the winged mammal enveloping your front door.
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              Things You’ll Need Black Felt Scissors Bat Template Glue   Get Started 1. Search for a Bat Template online and print it off. 2. Trace the bat shape onto your black felt paper multiple times and cut them out. 3. Use glue to adorn the felt bats around your front porch or where they will be easily seen.       GLOWING GHOSTS Every Halloween Haunted house needs a resident ghost but why not go one better this year and create a glow-in-the-dark ghost. This is super easy and the kids will love it!
Credit: Martha Stewart Credit: Martha Stewart
                        Things You’ll Need Glowsticks White Balloons Black Marker Sticky Tape Cheesecloth (optional) String (optional)   Get Started 1. Snap your glowsticks so they start to glow. Blow up the balloons, insert the glowsticks and tie them closed. 2. Draw spooky faces onto the balloons using the black marker. 3. Stick to the wall using sticky tape or cover in cheesecloth and hang up with string       MUMMY SWEET HOLDER Skip the pumpkin this year and do something a little different. This tutorial shows you how a large water container can be transformed into the coolest sweet holder in your neighbourhood for trick’r’treaters.
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    Things You’ll Need 5 Litre Water Bottle Water Bottle Lid Stanley Knife Googly Eye Superglue Cheesecloth Scissors   Get Started 1. Cut the top off the water bottle 2. Glue the water bottle lid on for the nose, and add the googly eyes. 3. Cut strips of cheesecloth. Glue one end to the bottle and wrap the strip around the bottle layering it up. Cover the nose but avoid the eyes. 4. Continue adding layers of cheesecloth until the bottle is covered, gluing down any bits that stick up.