IMG_0818RE   stay safer Halloween is a fun time for everyone, especially children who get to dress up in their favourite fantasy costumes, eat yummy treats and carve pumpkins as part of the celebrations. At Escapade, we love dressing up and having fun, but we take safety very seriously. Despite being a joyous and frivolous time, Halloween can be high time for accidents so we encourage you to consider safety. We would also like to address recent media coverage which has made people more aware than ever of the issue of fire safety at Halloween. At Escapade, we consider it greatly important to work with suppliers who share our values, which is why we’ve chosen to deal with a number who are wholly dedicated to ensuring the safety of their fancy dress costumes for your protection. Both our Camden-based shop, and warehouse, stock children’s costumes that have been rigorously tested by their manufacturers, and suppliers, to comply with European regulations on clothing flammability. We advise you to consider where and with whom you are purchasing your costume this season and to be aware that not all costume manufacturers follow stringent safety checks.
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This Halloween, not only do we want to encourage our customers to check they are choosing a verifiably safe product; we wanted to actively establish our own campaign, one that would contribute to a safer Halloween season. For the first time, this October, we are stocking our very own Escapade Pumpkin Light with seven colour variations for your enjoyment. For the season we are strongly urging all families and Halloween fanatics to replace the candle in their pumpkin with one of our Pumpkin Lights and rest assured that children, trick-r-treaters and pets will not be at risk of injury. We are so committed to ensuring your safety this Halloween that, together with our partnering bodies, we are providing 1000 complimentary Pumpkin Lights  to those who purchase children's costumes in our store, as well as to all customers who order with us online. LED-PUMPKIN-LIGHT Delight your children, neighbours and trick’r’treaters – don’t miss out on this spooky but safe pumpkin light! street
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Caution at Halloween also extends beyond the home. When trick-r-treating, ensure kids stay visible and use reflective tape or flashing lights. This way every member of your group can avoid the dangers of any passing vehicles. Designate a Safe Spot from the outset so that if anyone becomes separated from your group they should return immediately to the Safe Spot where you will be able to meet up with them. Be vigilant that the group does not split or wander apart and always make sure that children are accompanied at all times.   Finally, don't drink and drive and don't assume that just because you are wearing a Superman costume that you can fly! haunting