You may have the children's treat bags ready for your Halloween fancy dress party, but have you considered giving something to adult guests as a cheap but sweet memento?

If you haven't and you want to, how about a little package that will enable them to make caramel apples?

The Crafting Chicks recommend these as something that will be inexpensive to do but will make a big impact, as well as providing a fun activity for couples to do either on the night or later on at home.

Brooke said that all you need is some apples, a package of caramels (or some sugar and other ingredients to make your own), some round lolly sticks and a small pail or similar container.

You can then put all the items in the pail, adding some orange sprinkles if you wish, decorate the container in a Halloween style and you're good to go!

Fellow Crafting Chick Becky suggested putting the instructions in to avoid any mix-ups - and it's probably best to leave the apples until last so they're not manky by the time your Halloween fancy dress party rolls around!