If you intend to give out party bags at the end of your Halloween fancy dress party, then you may find a decorated cake goes down a treat.

In the same way as you might bake a birthday or a Christmas cake, guests might enjoy taking home a slice of fruit gateau with spooky icing or marzipan pieces.

Fruit cakes can be made well in advance of an event, so you needn't worry about having to stay up late baking the night before your bash.

They do need quite a lot of ingredients though, so check out the BBC Good Food website or Delia Smith's portal for good recipes on how to make them and perhaps get cracking this weekend.

However, you can cheat a little when it comes to decoration and buy some ready-made white icing. This can then be added to using food colouring and edible ornaments in the shape of ghosts or other scary characters to stick on top.

Everyone loves a party bag, so why not add one to your Halloween fancy dress party this year?