With more than a fortnight still to go until your Halloween fancy dress party, it can seem as though there's not much to do now that you've organised your costume and sent out the invitations.

However, in order to avoid everything turning into a mad rush the day before when you'll have to buy fresh foods and set out the last of the decor, it's best to do as much planning as you can in advance.

About.com and Docstoc.com both suggest organising your centerpiece table and non-perishable foods now if possible, then it's done and out of the way.

Should you intend to make cocktails, you could shop for spirits and mixers that can be stored up, while sweets and party favours can also be purchased and put to one side for guests.

If you've not thrown a Halloween fancy dress party for a while, it could be a good idea to do a quick check of your table linen and cutlery for the main serving area - a wrongly-themed tablecloth could sabotage your whole theme!

Stocking up and doing a mini inventory could save you time and help you make sure you have the bash you really want.